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ViewChange: Unleashing Innovation | Link TV

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Solving the world’s most pressing problems often requires innovative thinking and unusual partnerships. From KIVA to Product (RED) to Tom’s Shoes, watch how social innovation is making change across the globe.


ViewChange: Unleashing Innovation Airdates
Timezone: P M C E
Wednesday, March 28th 08:00 pm
Friday, March 30th 04:00 pm
Saturday, March 31st 09:30 am
DIRECTV Channel 375 | DISH Network Channel 9410
Category: Documentaries
Regions: Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia
Topics: Economic Development / Poverty
What is social innovation? Solving some of the world’s most pressing problems — including global poverty and development — requires innovative thinking, unusual partnerships, and entrepreneurialism. And it’s already working: from KIVA to Product (RED) to Tom’s Shoes, social innovation is making change around the world.

Find out more in ViewChange: Unleashing Innovation, a half-hour documentary special from independent broadcaster Link TV’s, creating and showcasing progress in global poverty.




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