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Colorado a haven for makers of winter sports gear – The Denver Post

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“Given that the folks at Never Summer work in a building that resembles an aircraft hangar and is just as vast, its appropriate that they are in the business of helping people fly — albeit with skis and snowboards, not wings”.


Colorado’s ski industry owes a huge debt to the fact that it’s located in, well, Colorado.
“The state is a great hub for snow sports,” says Sam Warren, the promotional and apparel director at Icelantic, which is headquartered at 621 Kalamath St. “A lot of industry people really trust Colorado skiers to be at the forefront of things.
“And our access to some of the best mountains in the world make it really easy to test and innovate,” he says. “That makes for a really quick turnaround, which is great, because there’s real pressure to stay on the brink of innovation.”
In that respect, Rocky Mountain Underground enjoys a real edge. Located in Breckenridge, their in-house “lab rats” can pretty much step right out the door to test-drive new products.

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