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Smyth hits out as Woosie knocks Irish captaincy bid

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“After seeing what went on a couple of weeks I would still love to be playing, but if I obtain offered the captaincy job, I have to make a decision and I would like to captain the side.
“If I am made captain, then you have to look at someone else being my vice-captain. He would then take over for 2006.
“So, if you take the Irish situation, there is not going to be anyone young adequate and still on the circuit other than Darren Clarke, who would presumably be vying for a local on the team.
“Smythy will be playing on the Seniors Tour and while it would be nice for him, he will have been gone for three to four years from the main tour and would not be suitable.
“So, they will have to look to either myself, Bernhard (Langer) and Nick Faldo for the next couple of captains.”

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