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THAI WARS : A new era for Irish Thai Boxing comes to Dublin, Ireland: Very live on Nov. 24, 2012 at National Basketball Arena

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A new era is set to begin in Irish Muay Thai.


The 24th of November 2012 will see the beginning of an exciting new televised era for Irish Thai Boxing when the inaugural Thai Wars comes to Dublin’s National Basketball Arena.


The Irish Mauy Thai council sanctioned THAI WARS which will initially televised in 36 countries is joint venture between Thai Boxing stalwart and former Irish Middleweight Champion Paddy Clint of Chupasart Promotions and Ferguson Sports Group, the company behind Cage Contender one of Europe’s largest televised MMA promotions. 


” I’m excited at the prospect of televising the Thai boxing talent Ireland has in its ranks to a global audience and all the attention that will generate. Thai Boxing folk are passionate about their sport and Ferguson Sports are passionate about producing great televised entertainment. Chupasart have been successfully promoting Thai Boxing events for a number of years and that when paired with what I bring to the table in terms of promotion and television

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