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Introducing the DKSUB

The DKSUB Sports Utility Bag is a unique and innovative concept which meets the needs of today’s sports players. Whether you play hurling, hockey, cricket, baseball, softball and many other sports, the DKSUB’s breakthrough design is sure to match your needs.


Two Bag Concept

Combined Bags

Combined Bags

The DKSUB demonstrates a standout concept which allows you greater flexibility to meet your sporting needs.

The bag is split into two sections: the rucksack, for everyday training and matches; and the wheeled cargo bag, allowing extra storage for over-night trips.

Key Feature Breakdown


Hurley Pocket

Hurley Pocket

  • Padded helmet compartment.
  • Boots compartment.
  • Side hurley attachment (fits up to 3 hurleys).
  • Large and wide main compartment.
  • Comfortable shoulder pads.
  • Integrated comfortable handles.
  • Padded back panel.
  • Attachable single shoulder strap.
  • Reflective safety elements.
  • Side accessory pocket.
  • Internal valuables pocket.
  • Removable pouch for wet gear.

Cargo Bag


Wheel System

  • Large capacity for gear.
  • Carries up to five hurleys.
  • Internal dividing wall.
  • Internal compression straps.
  • Large main opening.
  • Low profile wheel system.
  • Protective base and rails.
  • Top handle for pulling.
  • Side handle for carrying.
  • Lightweight construction.

Download the DKSUB Product Brochure

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